Nichole Oldani

Wedding Day

Nichole Oldani
Wedding Day

All the Planning has led to your

Wedding Day


Getting Ready

For the Bride:

St Louis Wedding Photography Des Peres Favorites-0007.jpg
  • Your rings (engagement, bride's wedding band, groom's wedding band.)
  • A complete invitation (preferably unused) and maybe your Save the Date
  • A nice hanger for the dress (if you don't have one, we do.)
  • Bouquet would be great plus, but if not, we will capture it later.
  • Shoes - If there will be more than one pair, let us know.
  • Jewelry - earrings, necklace and bracelet, etc.
  • Perfume, garter, something borrowed, blue, old, new
  • Letter/Gift for Groom

For the Groom:

  • Cufflinks, tie, shoes, watch, belt and socks (if they are fun)
  • Letter/Gift for Bride

When we arrive we will introduce ourselves and immediately take a look around to find the best light for photos, and where we will photograph the details.

We will go over some basics for the day and check to see if there are any changes that have come up.

Keep the getting ready rooms clean.  You will thank us later when you see your photos.

Have details ready and together in one spot where you will be getting ready.  Put a member of the bridal party in charge of them so you won't have to worry about it.  And below are just suggestions/reminders.  If you don't have some of these items it is no worry!


First Look

Oldani Photography First Look

A First Look can take between 30-45 minutes.  This time includes going to the spot and orchestrating the delicate dance of keeping you two from seeing each other before the big reveal.  If you have chosen to have this moment be private, we will be the bad guys and let everyone know that they will need to stay behind.




Once we arrive at the ceremony location we will contact the point person for the facility to find out if there are any special rules or guidelines that we need to be aware of.  This also allows us to negotiate with them on some restrictions if need be.  Next we will begin a game plan for the ceremony.  After that is all worked we will begin capturing the site and the guests as they are arriving.  As the ceremony is ready to start TJ will go upfront and Nichole will stay at the back.  He will capture the bridal party and bride as they come down the aisle and Nichole will capture the bride as she enters the ceremony.

During ceremony we will both both move about the venue capturing guests, the bride and groom, and documenting the wedding.


Family Photos

Oldani Photography Family Photos.jpg

Post ceremony TJ will follow you to either your receiving line, thank you exit, or holding area if you are not having either one.  Nichole will make a quick contact with the mother's (or whomever the task has been delegated to) and let them know that we will be getting ready for family photos and to remind the guests who will be involved where to go.  She will then proceed to that spot and get the lighting set up.  TJ will break away and meet Nichole to do test shots while Nichole announces the photos are ready to begin.  We will go straight down the list as it has been provided to us so be sure that you list elderly and children at the beginning.  Doing this will lessen the stress level for many of the guests.  Having that list is key to getting the family photos taken quickly and with the least amount of pain.


Bridal Party

When it comes to the bridal party we are careful to keep the balance of business and fun.  When it is time for those photos we will start with the whole group.  In most cases we will go through a few different setups with them.  From there we will take the guys and do some group photos, photos of each groomsman with the groom, and each groomsman alone.  Once the guys are done we let them hang out or head back to the bus.  Next we do the same with the girls.  Group photos, each bridesmaid with the bride, and then each bridesmaid individually.  These photos will give each person a moment with the bride and groom as well as give you some options for different layouts in your album.  After those photos are completed we send the entire bridal party back to the bus to keep celebrating, eat, take a break, etc.  

Once the bridal party is gone we will focus on you two.  It is much easier to relax if you don't have an audience.  This will also give you two a quiet moment together.  After all, it is your wedding day and the day is filled with your friends, family, and celebrating.  Being married ourselves, we realize how important it is to steal as moments as you can for yourselves.

If you have chosen to go to multiple locations with your bridal party we will generally do a few whole group photos, boys only, girls only, and then you two alone at each spot.  This again will give you some more options as well as continuity with your wedding album.

Also, be sure to let us know if there are any photos specific to the ceremony or reception site that you would like to have taken.  For example, you two exiting the church, etc.



Oldani Photography Reception

Once we hit the reception Nichole will go straight in and work on a game plan.  This includes making contact with the venue, DJ/band, and any other vendors that are present at the event.  We will discuss the timeline with them, compare notes, and find a way to work together as seamlessly as possible.  While Nichole is working with the vendors TJ will be photographing the venue and various details.

Once these things are finished we will start capturing your guests arriving and visiting during the cocktail hour.  While we cannot promise to capture every single guest, we will move about the crowds and take photos of groups and couples as we come across them.

When the time comes for you to be announced in we will be in position and ready to go.  Often times the timeline will go something like this:

  • Announced in
  • Cut cake
  • Welcome/Thank You from a parent or the couple
  • Prayer

The next part is dependent on whether you are having a buffet or sit down dinner.  In either scenario it is important that we eat when you are eating.  This means that we will be behind your party in the buffet line or have the venue deliver our vendor meal when the bridal party is served.  This is important for a few reasons.  The first is that no one is flattering while eating!  But seriously, if we eat when you eat, this will be sure to keep us free and ready to go when you are finished and begin mingling.  Another reason is that if we are served after all of the guests, the timing will run into speeches and the special dances.


  • Speeches
  • Bridal Party is released for dinner

Sit Down

  • Father's speech
  • Salad is served
  • Best and maid of honor speeches while people are eating salads
  • Dinner is served

After dinner is served the cake/dessert is served.  In general the special dances will occur while guests are enjoying desert.  The often start with the first dance by the bride and groom, then the bride and her father, followed by the groom and his mom.  Another option is to have your dances with your parents at the same time followed by your first dance together.  There are no rules anymore and however you envision it, is the way it should be!

Next is celebratory dance party.  We will be there to capture the fun on the dance floor as well as continue to mingle about and take photos of your guests together.  If you will be doing a bouquet and garter toss these will occur around 30 minutes after the special dances have ended.  All in all, these things will all be finished within two hours of the reception (post cocktail hour.)

When it is close to our exit time we will start making our rounds.  We begin with your parents checking to see if they are wanting any other photos of particular guests before we leave.  After we have said our goodbyes and finished up with them we will come find you two and do the same.

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.