Nichole Oldani

Make the Most of Your Time

Nichole Oldani
Make the Most of Your Time

It takes a Village to have a

Wedding Celebration

Timelines are hard enough and once you have one, the last thing you want is to have it all unravel.  Through the years we have learned some tricks to help keep things on track.  Sure bumps will come up, but we can help to smooth those out for you.

  • Coolers - Be sure to have your coolers packed and ready with ice in the morning.  If your bridal party has to stop to refill/fill at a grocery store/gas station we can loose an average of 30 minutes from your timeline.  Doesn't sound like it, but getting on and off, wrangling, and so on can add up fast.
  • Timeline - You have worked hard on so many details.  Don't be afraid to trust at least one member each from the bridesmaids and groomsman to have a timeline and to be on top of it.  They can be a great help in keeping everyone else on time especially if you will not be hiring a Day of Coordinator or Planner.
  • Hair/Makeup - The bride needs to be completed in the beginning or half way through getting ready.  Hair and makeup always run late.  No sense in rushing the bride because of that or risk running late to the ceremony.  Unfortunately we see this a lot and the stress it adds just ins't worth it!  Your professionals are going to do a great job and by being one of the first ones finished you can wear your hair and makeup longer to see if there are going to be any issues that come up with it.  You will be able to make sure the hair is going to stay in place and whether or not the makeup feels just right or if you need a little more/less.  Besides, you will look amazing in all of your getting ready photos!  It is better to have them rush on a bridesmaid/flower girl/etc.
  • Family Photos - Communication is key.  Make sure everyone who will be in the photos and on that list knows well before the wedding day that they will be needed.  Be sure to them the time and the place as well.  If it is post ceremony we recommend asking them to stay seated while the guests exit the location.  This will cut down on any wandering, visiting, and restroom breaks.  We can jump right in and get them back to the crowd in no time.  Also, if bridal party has jobs to do, list them first (only if you want a photo of them in the ceremony location).  This way they can be put to work loading the bus, etc.
  • Receiving Line - If you choose to do a receiving line there are a couple of options.
    • Traditional - Have your parents be the end of the receiving line and you are the beginning.  This will allow you to greet and thank your guests quickly and let your parents visit longer.
    • Release by pew/row - This is a newer method where the bride and groom release each pew/row and make a direct contact with each guest.  It is a wonderful and personal way to make sure you have thanked everyone who attended your ceremony.  Once they exit, your parents are often stationed at the back ready for a traditional receiving line where they too can get their thanks in.
  • Reception - Venues and DJs are generally great at keeping time and suggesting the course of events.  Here is an example on how to get the most from your reception time with us.  With these tips you can assume that we will be needed no more two hours after you are announced in.
    • Immediately cut cake after being announced in.  The energy is still high and everyone's eyes are on you.
    • Have your speeches start after the last salad/dinner plate has been put down or the last table has gone through the buffet line.  It is the perfect time since guests are seated and the bar is usually closed so there won't be a lot of distractions in the background.
    • After the last cake has been put out start your special dances.  Everyone loves cake and having something sweet to watch makes it even better.
    • After slow dances and fast songs have played for around 30 minutes it is the perfect time for bouquet/garter.  Once that is finished, it is time for Dance Party USA!!
Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.