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Nichole Oldani

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Classic leather heirloom album with blind embossing on the bottom right corner

Classic leather heirloom album with blind embossing on the bottom right corner

An album is a heirloom piece that will be with your family for generations.  Growing up we all spent time looking through the wedding albums of those that we loved.  These are times to sit down and reflect on the past, see how it lead to the present, and dream of the future.

Our albums are handcrafted locally and assembled with great care.  The albums are approved by us, in person, before they are even bound.  It is that attention to detail that helps make our albums so special.  It is your wedding day and it should be treated with the utmost reverence.

Selecting your images can be overwhelming.  When telling the story of your day, think of it in terms of chapters and you will find it is much easier to approach.  Our albums are standard with 40 pages (20 spreads).  Albums of this size are balanced when they have 60-70 images.  If you decide you want to include more images you will need to add pages (additional charge applies).

Here is an example to help you get started with your selections:

  • 5 - Details (shoes, jewelry, dress, etc)
  • 10 - Getting Ready
  • 4 - First Look
  • 10 - Ceremony (pre-ceremony through post-ceremony)
  • 6 - Family Photos
  • 10 - Bridal Party (bridal party, bride and groom)
  • 5 - Cocktail Hour
  • 5 - Reception Details (centerpieces, decor, food, etc)
  • 15 - Reception (speeches, garter, bouquet, dances, etc)

Ready to begin?  Here are the steps to process your album:

  1. Select the images for the album and "favorite" them.  If you need a refresher on how to use your gallery we have a help center for you.  For each album you need to order will need to be set up under different email addresses for your favorite selections to be used.  These email addresses will be fictitious and should follow this example:  Jane Smith married John Doe and they have ordered one wedding album, two parent albums, and a gallery wrap.  For the wedding album the email they use will be, parent album #1 will be, parent album #2 will be, and the artwork would be
  2. Fill out the appropriate album info form:
    1. Wedding Album
    2. Parent Album
    3. Guest Book
  3. Receive proof & make changes or approve.
  4. Enjoy and share it with anyone who enters your life!

We have examples of our albums on our website or we can always bring some to you to look at if you aren't quite sure which style you love the most.

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.