Nichole Oldani

After the Wedding

Nichole Oldani
After the Wedding

Things to Know for

After the Wedding

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Once we are finished capturing your wedding we will upload the files and start the backup process.  Next step is culling.  After we have culled them down we will get started getting them print ready for you, your families, and friends.  Each delivered image will be color graded and ready for you to print. Additional editing of blemishes, hair flyaways, removal of objects, etc are available to you at a rate of $50 an hour.  If you request additional editing you will be quoted a price before extensive work is started.


We have set your gallery up for printing through a professional only print lab.  We use this lab for our own personal prints as well.  When ordering large format prints or framed/matted options, contact us directly and we will handle your order personally.

If you choose to print your images through a printer other than the one we have provided through your gallery, be clear that they are not to have additional color correcting.  For example, if there is an option to auto color correct, make sure that it is not selected.  We have completed this step for you and if a lab auto color corrects the image it will over adjust the file and your prints will not be true to our edit.  There are some great labs out there for consumers.  For online, Mpix does an incredible and consistently good job.  For close to home, choose Costco or Sam's Club first.  After that, we recommend Creve Couer Camera or Schiller's.  Try to avoid labs like Walgreens where the system is more automated and can lead to inconstant prints.  Another tip for great prints is to upload the photos to the lab.  When you bring the files in on a digital storage device and use the kiosk, there is a slight difference and it is enough to warrant avoiding it.  Most labs will require a print release to print.

Albums & Artwork

Did your Collection come with a gallery wrap and/or an album?  If you need a refresher on how to use your gallery we have a help center for you.  For each item you need to order will need to be set up under different email addresses for your favorite selections to be used.  These email addresses will be fictitious and should follow this example:  

Jane Smith married John Doe and they have ordered one wedding album, two parent albums, and a gallery wrap.  For the wedding album the email they use will be, parent album #1 will be, parent album #2 will be, and the artwork would be

Once you and your families have selected the photos, fill out the appropriate order form and that will let us know they are ready to go.  From there Nichole will design the album and notify you when your proof is ready.  If there are no changes we will get it off to the printer.  Once the album and/or artwork is ready we will arrange to deliver unless you live out of town in which case they will be shipped to you ($35 shipping & handling).

Thank You Cards

Current etiquette suggests a window of 6-8 weeks after the wedding for your Thank You cards.  

Many couples choose to have a photo from their wedding day on these cards.  If you want to order through us or need any suggestions, we are happy to help.  You will have your photos delivered to you in plenty of time to hit this deadline.

Name Change

If the bride will be changing her name now is the time to do it.  Things to be changed would be your social security card, drivers license, passport, and accounts.  Create a new email address, notify your employer, insurance, and benefits.  It is also the time to update the beneficiary on your insurance policies and your will.  Also, request an official copy of your marriage license.

Save the Memories

Wanting to preserve your bouquet or save just a few petals?  How about your dress?  Will you have it properly cleaned and stored?  If you are saving any papers from your wedding day like the invitation, program, etc, be sure to use an archival safe box, tissue, and paper.  This will protect them for years to come.

Return rentals

Rent clothing, tables, accessories, and more?  Don't forget to return them so that you get your deposits back or avoid additional fees.  Some vendors will even give you a discount if returned early.

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.