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Our love with all things Millstadt started when we met Libby and Michael.  No, scratch that, it started when I first heard from Libby.  She won my heart immediately.  Turns out she had already booked her photographer and reception venue and was in full on planning mode when she found out that her venue was closing.  She had to find a new spot.  Unfortunately she found a venue that would hold all of her guests, but her photographer was booked that day.  Lucky for us her photographer helped her find a suitable replacement that was similar in style.  We are so glad she did!  Turns out we had so much in common.  For example, her family vacations every year at Table Rock Lake and would take day trips to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Cool right?  No!  Super cool!  My grandparents owned the Statue Road Inn in Eureka Springs for most of my life and I spent so many wonderful years there.  Small world!  That was just the beginning.  From there we have been so lucky to meet more couples and families from the area and they have all made us feel like our zip code is 62260 and our area code is 618 too.  Thanks for making us feel like family Millstadt!  We'd love to be your photographers.

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Millstadt, IL Wedding Venues, Reception Venues, and Engagement Ideas

Samson Family Homestead - Millstadt, IL

St. Clair Country Club - Belleville, IL

St. James Catholic Church - Millstadt, IL

St. Paul United Church of Christ - Columbia, IL

The Four Way Stoplight ( Intersection of 158 and 163 / Washington and Jefferson ) - Millstadt, IL

Turner Hall - Columbia, IL

West End Tavern - Millstadt, IL

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