St. Louis Wedding Photographers

Wedding Homework Time

Here is the homework for the two of you.  Obviously some is easier to tackle now, and some might not even be ready until the week before.  We've included a quick description of each document below as well as a link (the link is highlighted in red).  Once you have completed filling out the form electronically you will find a “Submit” button at the bottom.  Just click on it and through the magic of internet I will have it.   Please feel free to ask me any questions if you need a hand.  That is what I am here for:  

And for tips on anything you see below and more, visit our Wedding Lounge.

Fill these first two out prior to your engagement shoot:

Your Story - This one gives us a little background and a little insight to your wedding day.  We use it to accompany your engagement session blog entry.

Model Release - Lots of legal mumbo jumbo.

It is not a big rush, but just as long as these are all completed IDEALLY 30 days before your wedding.  

Who are you?! - This one helps us to get to know you even better.  Used to accompany your wedding blog entry.

Family Photo List - You don't need to have this many family group photos, but if you do, and you need more, just fill it out again.  This one is key to keeping your group pics super fast so we can get to you, your man, and your wedding party.  Don’t forget, this is the one you want to run by your parents to get their input as well just to make sure it goes smoothly.

Details - This one gives us the nitty gritty.


This one needs to be completed no later than 14 days before your ceremony.  That way we have the time to move things around and adjust if we need to.

Timeline - So we know the wheres and the whens.  This helps us to keep you and your group on schedule so that you don't have to.

After the wedding:

Blog Submissions - We often submit our weddings for print and electronic publication.