Mallory + Nathan

St. Louis Wedding Photographers - SLU Engagement Photos by Oldani Photography

 Forest Park / Central West End / CWE / St. Louis University Alumni / SLU

We met Mallory flying solo last year.  At the time she and Nathan were living in different cities and it was tough to get their schedules in sync since he is active military.  TJ and I both fell in love with her over dinner so we knew we'd love Nathan too.  When it came to their engagement photos they both really wanted to do some at SLU.  Nathan is alumni of St. Louis University and spent so much time there that it was an important piece to him so that is where we started.

Well, we did love Nathan too!  From the start he was so kind and genuine and the way he looked at Mallory made you realize that he was absolutely taken with her.  We checked out the Clocktower and the pond in front of Cupples House and he showed us some of the sites and told a few stories.

From there we headed over to the CWE to catch a little city vibe.  There is a shot that I always want to get with the Chase Park Plaza and the sun is never right for it, until today.  It was perfect!  It is such a landmark in the Central West End and I think it really captures the area.  It helped that these two like to kiss.  

We headed over to Forest Park to take advantage of the beautiful sunset that was making its way.  After a lot of laughing and even more snuggling and kissing, this day ended beautifully.  We are really looking forward to the wedding and meeting their friends and family.  If they are half as good as these two, it will be an amazing day.

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What was your first date?: Drunken Fish for some sushi and sweating bullets for Nathan! After (thankfully) a perfect dinner we discussed how Mallory loves Kevin James stand up and ended up going back to her place to watch his last tour on the commentary of Mallory repeating every word :)

Technically this was our second first date. We went out on a date to the movies when we were juniors in college. BUT we didn't go out again until we were both 24 so we count our sushi date as our first date. Fun fact: Nathan ripped his jeans at the movies while trying to be smooth. Even back then he was a bit nervous around me and wanted to play it trying to duck under the chains in his favorite pair of jeans which were very old. Long story short, he ripped his pants down the back before buying the tickets and that's how I got him out of his pants before the date had started.

How did he propose?: After a cooking class in Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, PA; Nathan made an excuse that we needed to grab another photo in front of Independence Hall (the sight of our first date in Philadelphia) and grabbed a cab on a very snowy/icey night. The cab pulled up to in front of the national landmark where Nathan almost ate it on the cobblestones covered in ice, but luckily Mallory was there to catch his fall. Nathan pulled out a monologue he had been working on for a couple days only to be interrupted by Mallory the whole time (In her defense she thought he was just being romantic, not proposing) and then Nathan dropped down on a knee and popped the question. The rest is history.

Is there a tv show you two can't miss?: Top Chef, Game of Thrones, and Chopped

What is your date style?: Trendy restaurant and we also like cooking at home

Do either of you have a hobby? If so, what is it?: We both enjoy cooking but Mallory is the better chef.

We also both loves traveling and going to museums.

Nathan loves flying and sports.

Where are you getting married?: Hilton Frontenac

Where is your reception?: Hilton Frontenac

What color theme have you chose for your wedding?: Navy, Gold, Blush

What will the bridesmaids be wearing?: Blush

What will the groomsman be wearing?: Navy suits

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.