Amy + Zac

St. Louis Wedding Photographers - Mad Art Gallery and City Museum Wedding Photos by Oldani Photography

Mad Art Gallery / City Museum / Ted Drewes

Amy and Zac had the tall order of planning a wedding in St. Louis while they live in California (got to love the time difference!) and juggling grad school as well as work.  Personally, I think they did an amazing job. We knew from our first meeting over Skype that we were going to love working with them.

The day started off with threats of rain.  No worries though, they knew the most important part was their wedding, their way.  After the salon the girls all headed over to Mad Art Gallery to get Amy dressed and ready for their First Look out on the patio.  Since the rain had soaked the patio, her bridesmaids carried her dress as they prepared for Zac to see her.  It was so sweet how the girls were so worried about it getting dressed, but the only thing Zac and Amy were worried about was having to wait another minute longer!

We headed over to Ted Drewes for a quick shot in front of one of their favorite spots.  By this time the rain was really coming down so we moved quickly.  Now where?  That was certainly the question.  City Museum was the answer.  It was the perfect place for us to spread out and have fun while taking some really special photos of Amy and Zac and their friends.  

The day wasn't over yet.  We still hadn't married these two!  Back at Mad Art Gallery, the patio was partially set for their dream outdoor wedding.  Guests gathered and held umbrellas and programs to keep their faces dry.  That didn't stop the tears generated from Zac's grandfather's moving speech to the couple.  There, under the cafe lights strung across the patio, with the rain coming down, Amy and Zac were married and it was perfect.

The theme of their reception was Pixar movies and they had the sweetest renditions of various characters on wine bottles in the center of their tables.  Ted Drewes was served as an amazing sundae bar and there was cake to be had as well.  Guests also enjoyed the make-shift photo booth in one of the famous jail cells.

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Describe you as a couple in about 15 words or phrases: easy-going, teasing, foodies, movie lovers, scientific minded, cardinals fans, enjoy exploring new restaurants and areas

What is your story?: Amy first noticed Zac when she was a lifeguard and he continually arrived to swim laps with 20 min until pool closing. He would be "that guy" who made the lifeguards stay on the stand while he was the only person in the pool, which gave him quite the reputation. It wasn't until a few years later when Amy noticed Zac in a bar with common friends, where she used this information as an ice breaker and caught Zac's attention. They began noticing each other at various events through common friends as the next few years progressed. Finally, Zac asked Amy to go to dinner and a movie in the summer of 2006. Amy thought it would be a nice summer fling before heading back to Truman State to start her junior year in college. Quite to Amy's surprise, she found herself falling in love with Zac and the rest, as they say, is history. Zac was so smitten with Amy that he moved across the country (far away from the Cardinals) to Northern CA with Amy in the summer of 2009 so that she could start graduate school in Davis, CA. After graduating with her PhD this year, both Amy and Zac have relocated to the San Fransisco Bay area and started new jobs.

Amy, What do you love most about your groom?: I love Zac's easy-going calm personality, his endless support and love for me through the little stuff, the big stuff, and life's ups and downs, and his ability to make me smile everyday

Zac, What do you love most about your bride?: I love that Amy is always looking out for you and not afraid to share her mind when she disagrees. A great cook and an excellent person to have a discussion with. All in all, someone that is very easy to love.

Describe your perfect Saturday together: Exploring a new area of San Fransisco and eating great food, and ending the day watching a movie and being lazy together at home.

Bride fun fact: Amy enjoys tasting wine and has a relatively decent palate for tasting wine.

Groom fun fact: Zac loves movies. In fact, he manages the website, discussing movies, TV, books, games, music and more.

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