Rose + Patrick

St. Louis Wedding Photographers - Lafayette Park Engagement Photos by Oldani Photography

Lafayette Park / Lafayette Square

When we left dinner with Rose and Patrick we knew they were great.  Sweet, intelligent, and sincere.  When they met us for their engagement session it was no different.  They were so great together and made our job ridiculously easy.  I love that they picked Lafayette Park.  St. Louis loves Lafayette Square and you can't blame us.  The architecture is so charming and the neighborhood has done an amazing job breathing new life into the area.  

It is the perfect setting for a nice walk, a couple to snuggle up, and to just let the day get away from you.  Rose and Patrick fell right into that.  As we walked around the park we had lots of opportunities to talk about their families, growing up in St. Louis and some of the details of the wedding day.  As we rounded the park sun and clouds started to do this amazing thing and we knew we had to capture it.  Yes, that was the real sky and no it was not Photoshopped.

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What was your first date?: We went to the movies and saw "Blades of Glory" (quality film)

How did he propose?: He made us dinner. I was fully unaware that there was symbolism to the meal until he began to propose. Despite 7 years of dating, he completely surprised me!

What is the mixtape of your relationship?:

  1. "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain
  2. "Save the Last Dance for Me" by Michael Buble 
  3. "Pop, Lock, & Drop It" by Huey 
  4. "Love Story" by Taylor Swift
  5. "Because of You" by Ne-Yo
  6. "Look After You" by The Fray
  7. "Holy Grail" by Jay-Z
  8. "Faithfully" by Journey

s there a tv show you two can't miss?: Typically we end up watching any sporting event on air. Rose is determined to get Pat hooked on "Modern Family"

Any pets?: Pat has a dog, Roscoe. We're uncertain of the breed, but he is most likely a Border Collie/ Australian Sheperd mix.

What is your date style?: Movie and popcorn at home

Patrick, What do you claim as your hometown?: St. Louis

Rose, What do you claim as your hometown?: St. Louis

Do either of you have a hobby? If so, what is it?: Pat enjoys watching and playing almost every sport, but hockey is undoubtedly his favorite. Rose likes to cook, bake, and frequently attempts to replicate Pinterest finds (crafts, d├ęcor, recipes...)

Where are you getting married?: Our Lady of Providence Catholic Church (Rose's parish)

Where is your reception?: Windows On Washington

What will the bridesmaids be wearing?: Medium blue, short dresses (the color is hard to describe)

What will the groomsman be wearing?: To be determined...

What color theme have you chose for your wedding?: Medium blue with coral and gold accents

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.