Megan + Daniel

Megan + Daniel

St. Louis Engagement Photos by Oldani Photography

St. Louis / Science Center / Forest Park

What was your first date?:  Depends on who you ask! According to Daniel, it was to see Beauty and the Beast at the Fox. According to Megan, it was dinner and a boat ride at the BoatHouse in Forest Park... Almost a YEAR LATER...

Tell us the story of the proposal?:  Daniel and a bunch of friends strung up Christmas lights all around a tree up the street from Megan's childhood home. This tree was one of the first places they kissed. On Christmas Eve on the way to a party, Daniel gave Megan a ukulele as a gift (that she had been asking for forever). When she opened the gift, she didn't realize that Daniel had just pulled up to the tree, or that a silver diamond ring was tied around the neck of the ukulele. Daniel got down on one knee, "remote clicked" the lights on, and promptly forgot everything he was going to say. Thankfully, Megan still said yes.

What is the mixtape of your relationship?:  God Only Knows (Natalie Maines Version) Fine By Me- Andy Grammar In My Life - Beatles Honeybee - Steam Powered Giraffe Sara Bareilles So Far Away - Carole King Shut Up and Dance - Walk The Moon Make You Feel My Love - (Adele Version) Classic - MKTO Lovely - Sara Hayes I Got - Young The Giant

What is your date style?:  Seriously all of these sound great (except sporting event haha)

Daniel, What do you claim as your hometown?:  Ladue

Megan, What do you claim as your hometown?:  Kirkwood

Do either of you have a hobby? If so, what is it?:

Daniel plays too many video games and Megan reads too much Harry Potter

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.