Lauryn + Dominic

Lauryn + Dominic

St Charles Engagement Photos by Oldani Photography

Defiance / St. Charles County / Busch Wildlife Conservation

What was your first date?  Well, if we're being exact, our first date was at a Lions Choice! Dominic went to college out of state, so we had been texting and talking on the phone for several months. We had plans to go on our first date at Blue Sky Cafe in Wentzville that weekend. However, we just could not wait. He told me where he was at that moment, and I met him. I was too nervous to eat, so he shared some of his fries with me! We talked for several hours, and I remember everything about that day, down to the clothes he was wearing! The rest is history. :)

Tell us the story of the proposal?  It was a normal Monday evening. Every night when we get home from work, we take our dog for a walk around the neighborhood. We have a big field behind the house, and we usually let Walker run around. Dominic called the dog over to us, and sat him down. He got down on one knee and pulled out the ring! I was completely shocked and began crying...sobbing actually. I said YES, of course!

What is the mixtape of your relationship?  Our favorite songs to listen to together are Head over Boots by Jon Pardi, Forget You by C-Low Green and anything by Leon Russell. We also love singing in the car...especially to Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock duets!

Any pets?  A chocolate lab puppy named Walker, and a cat named Sadie

What is your date style?  Movie and popcorn at home

Dominic, What do you claim as your hometown?  St. Charles, MO

Lauryn, What do you claim as your hometown?  St. Charles, MO

Do either of you have a hobby?  We enjoy spending time with friends, family and our dog Walker! We like to travel when we have time, and love exploring new restaurants. During the summer, we try to attend as many concerts as possible and love going to the family property in Piedmont, MO. We also LOVE watching our shows together each week! Our favorite is The Voice!

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.