Danielle + Neal

Danielle + Neal

St Louis Engagement Photos by Oldani Photography

Lafayette Square / Lafayette Park / St. Louis

What was your first date?  Our first date was to Joanie's Pizza in Soulard and then we went to the Blues game.

Tell us the story of the proposal?  In a week prior to our proposal Danielle mentioned she wanted to go see a specific exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum. I knew that once she mentioned the museum I knew that was the place to go. That Sunday it was a beautiful fall day. Not too cold, and lots of sunshine. We went to see the exhibit that Danielle wanted to see. As we were walking around the museum my mind was racing. Should I do it now? I mentioned to her that I wanted to see the fall trees in the Grand Basin of Forest Park. As we were walking down to the water we held hands and just did not have a care in the world. We talked about current events, what we thought we would do for lunch. Simple conversations were taking place. As we got to the bottom of Art Hill we closely walked together until we got to point in the path that jetted over the water. I told her that I had never been to this part of the Grand Basin. She brushed it off and said she had gone here all the time during her college days. She stepped away from my side, and walked towards the water. As she leaned over I took the ring out of my pocket and placed it into my hand. She came back into my arms and I told her, that this place would be a wonder place to make a memory. As I took both of her hands, I started to descend down to one knee. I looked up at her and said, "Danielle! The LOVE of my life. Will you Marry Me?" She said Yes, and we sealed the memory with a kiss.

What is the mixtape of your relationship?  We love a wide variety of music but to best describe us a couple we'd say Zac Brown Band - Loving You Easy. However we will jam out to Sam Hunt, Ed Sheeran, Little Big Town, Macklemore, Taylor Swift, or anything 90's!

What is your date style?  Sporting event

Neal, What do you claim as your hometown?  Edwardsville, Illinois

Danielle, What do you claim as your hometown?  St. Rose, Illinois

Do either of you have a hobby? Our current hobby is decorating our new house!

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.