Elle + Eric

Elle + Eric

St. Louis Engagement Photos by Oldani Photography

Ladue / St. Louis / Queeny Park

What was your first date?:  [Eric] Good question... It is hard to say since we had been hanging out for many weeks while coaching at a kids soccer camp together and with friends. After talking about going to froyo a couple different times, we finally made it happen. That was really the first time we hung out together alone. I parked my car off to the side of the parking lot, opened up my truck for a spot to sit (an suv), and we hung out and talked for a while. [Elle] When he drove me home at the end of the night we finally kissed.

Tell us the story of the proposal?:  [Eric] Well I knew that surprising her wasn't going to be a possibility, so I wanted to build the anticipation and give her a day of fun where she was always wondering what was next. I did it before thanksgiving so lots of her friends and family would be home. It started with a 'good morning' note and her playing soccer with her college teammates on the fields where we met. (We met while coaching a soccer camp together where I went to high school). When she returned to her car she found the next note and proceeded to go see her best friend who flew in town. They had lunch from our favorite deli waiting along with the first movie we saw together playing and another note. After going for one of their long walks together, she was told to shower and get dressed, then they headed to meet more friends at a local brewery. Their next stop was queeny park. [Elle] At this point I heard a dog and immediately knew it was my dog, Mia. As I walked up to the bridge I saw Eric waiting with her and the bridge lined with candles. I was too excited I couldn't hear a word he said. [Eric] I was trying to get the ring out but she wouldn't let go of my hands. [Elle] Later I was actually surprised. We went to share the news with my parents and many other friends and family kept joining the party!

What is the mixtape of your relationship?:  [Elle] In the beginning it was all corny love songs. We were long distance and would send them when we missed each other. After three and a half years of distance we created a long list, but Keith Urban's Making Memories of Us is our favorite. Beautiful Mess - Diamond Rio and Right Where I Need to be - Gary Allen. Now it is more songs that a good for dancing to in the car together (this is Eric's specialty). Stronger - Kelly Clarkson [Eric] Hips don't lie - Shakira.

Any pets?:  Not currently, but we can't wait to get a puppy!

What is your date style?:  We like lots of variety. We love to hike, try new restaurants, and have game nights!

Eric, What do you claim as your hometown?:  St. Louis, MO

Elle, What do you claim as your hometown?:  St. Louis, MO

Do either of you have a hobby? If so, what is it?:  Together- Playing sports and board games (we have to be on the same team or it doesn't end well...for Eric). Elle- any kind of outdoor adventure (hiking, biking, running, swimming, etc.) Eric- cooking and watching sports.

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.