Caitlin + Nick

Caitlin + Nick

St Louis Engagement Photos by Oldani Photography

Tower Grove Park / St. Louis

What was your first date?  Diner food at Fleetwood (a greasy spoon) in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Tell us the story of the proposal?  Nick: We were living in two different places, her in Ann Arbor and I in Boston. I was going to ask her over my dad;s birthday when we were supposed to see each other for the first time in a couple of months. She surprised me and told me two days ahead of time she was flying to Boston for the July 4th weekend. I had not bought a ring, and spent one intense day running around the city buying a ring so I could ask her on July 4th under the fireworks. Long story short, I was super nervous and could not hold out until the fire works to propose. So I asked her on the balcony at my apartment while drinking beer. Cait: I had zero idea that Nick was even thinking about proposing. Though I was moving to Boston in September, it had been a few months since I had seen Nick, so I decided to fly out to Boston last minute after finding some cheap flights. I flew in Friday night and we had a lovely day just walking around the city on Friday. Nick brought his backpack. Around noon, I asked him if he had some water in the bag and he said he forgot to bring it. A little while later I asked him if he had packed a blanket to sit on later that night while we watched fireworks. He said no, he had forgotten that too. At that point I asked him why he had a backpack on at all. He said, "habit." (He does love his backpacks) I left it at that and we went to buy a blanket. It started to rain and we had to cut our day walking around short, we headed back to the apartment and went out on the balcony to drink some beer. At some point, Nick started fumbling around in that backpack (it had made it out to the porch with us) and kinda was half kneeling, half twisted reaching into the backpack, saying "Cait.....Cashner.....will you...." When he finally got the ring out, I had finally put two and two together, I think I cut him off and said yes before he could get the rest of the question out.

What is the mixtape of your relationship?  Not sure. She makes me listen to a lot of T-Swift. I make her listen to Thee Oh Sees, Ty Seagall, Danny Brown when we cook.

What is your date style?  Movie and popcorn at home

Nick, What do you claim as your hometown?  Norman Oklahoma

Caitlin, What do you claim as your hometown?  St Louis MO

Do either of you have a hobby? werk werk werk werk werk... but seriously. Nick likes to backpack, make backpacks, sketch. Cait likes to rock climb, crochet, watch the Yankees.

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.