Ashley + Gary

Describe you as a couple in about 15 words or phrases: fun, supportive, caring, loving, athletic, competitive, organized, very "Type A"; we love to run and workout; we also would take a day at the wineries over anything else.

What is your story?: We met through a mutual friend at an apartment party on campus at SIUE. We began sharing stories about this mutual friend and couldn't stop laughing at the fact that the friend was a model for "Hollister." Gary then invited me (Ashley) to his 21st birthday party 2 weeks later. At his party, his friends decided to smash a cookie cake in his face, so I thought I would be nice and clean it off of his face. We became really good friends and then decided to give dating a try. Five years later, we are still going strong! :)

Bride, What do you love most about your groom?: I love that he makes me laugh at the most random times. He always knows what to say or do to make me smile, especially when I am having a bad day. He definitely brings out the best in me.

Groom, What do you love most about your bride?: Ashley has made me the best person I can be and continues to push me forward. She always stands beside me and is always there when I need her. She is smart and enjoyable to be around day in and day out. I always find something new to love about you.

Describe your perfect Saturday together: We would definitely sleep in and then get up and run together and then go out to a nice little cafe for breakfast and good coffee. Our perfect afternoon would be spent at the local wineries with a picnic basket in hand. Then, we would finish the evening with our friends, either going out or going to someone's house to hang out.

Bride fun fact: I am the 2008 Miss Jasper County Fair Queen and the 2008 Miss Congeniality Award recipient at my hometown fair in Newton, IL.

Groom fun fact: I had the engagement ring for 5 months before giving it to Ashley.

Which setting describes your dream photo style?: Main Street St. Charles

What is the mixtape of your relationship?:

  1. I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz
  2. Make You Feel My Love - Bob Dylan
  3. My Best Friend - Tim McGraw
  4. Your Song - Elton John
  5. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
  6. Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.