Nicole + Chris

What is the mixtape of your relationship?: 

  1. Sweet Disposition - Temper Trap
  2. Fake Empire - The National
  3. Tiny Dancer - Elton John
  4. Santa Monica - Everclear
  5. Wake Up - Arcade Fire
  6. Give Me Everything - Neyo and Pitbull
  7. We Found Love - Rihanna

Describe you as a couple in about 15 words or phrases: Adventurous, fun, beer lovers, funny, busy, entertaining, Team Hot Mess,

What is your story?: Chris and Nicole worked together for a year and a half before they started dating. Nicole was interested in Chris and thought he was interested in her. She asked Chris to get a drink with her after work and he still didn't get the hint. She then set up another team happy hour and invited Chris to Soulard afterwards. He finally got the hint and the rest is history.

Bride, What do you love most about your groom?: He is very sincere and always knows the right thing to say.

Groom, What do you love most about your bride?: That she makes me laugh even when I am crabby.

Describe your perfect Saturday together: Waking up late, grabbing brunch then heading to the Loop to shop and try different beers along the way.

Bride fun fact: Nicole's arms are double jointed.

Groom fun fact: Chris from North County and he think it gives him street cred.

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.