Jennifer + Michael

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What is the mixtape of your relationship?: 

  1. Born to Boogie - Hank Williams Jr.
  2. Treasure - Bruno Mars
  3. The Power of Love - Huey Lewis
  4. When I'm Away From You - Bellamy Brothers
  5. Fishin in the Dark - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  6. I Wanna Grow Old with You - Adam Sandler

(Warning:  Songs may contain explicit lyrics)

Describe you as a couple in about 15 words or phrases: Goofy, Affectionate, Outdoorsy, Adventurous, Best Friends, Trusting, Supportive, Occasionally lazy, Agree to disagree on politics, Bitten by the wanderlust bug!

What is your story?: Mike and I met while he was attending college at Logan. I decided to go to a student clinic because. I had seen them at our career fair. I walked into the student doctors office one day because I was having issues with my legs training for the half marathon. I had just come from work and and was completely dirty and smelly, but thought this would be quick and painless. A doctor appeared in the hallway and called my name and when I looked up I immediately thought, "oh crap, my doctors hot!"

He took me back to the exam room and told me a little about what would happen and then handed me a hospital gown and said to also take off my socks. I was mortified!! I had dug soil all day and was filthy! I disrobed and realized...OMG, I don't even have on cute underwear! I kept saying to myself, he sees worse than this, he sees worse than this.... Who am I kidding, I took off my socks! You could have built your own garden with the dirt between my toes! I spent a considerable amount of time trying to clean up what I could, but there was no salvaging this or any dignity at this point. I was going to have to suck it up!

When he finished I noticed the use of hand sanitizer on the way out of the door! I vowed to myself do my hair and make-up for my follow up apt!

Each apt seemed to be nicer than the last. We talked a lot and had many things in common, it was almost like having several speed dates before we ever started dating. Right before Thanksgiving break, I was the last 'patient' of the day and as I was standing at my car trying to find my keys he walked out. I knew he was traveling back home and he knew I was starving because I skipped lunch to make it to the apt on time. He nonchalantly asked me to grab lunch around the corner before left.

Besides a some rough patches figuring out a long distance relationship, we have been inseperable ever since.

Bride, What do you love most about your groom?: His genuine goodness and pure heart

Groom, What do you love most about your bride?: He said can't pick one thing, everything

Describe your perfect Saturday together: Being awoken in our tent or camper by the birds chirping and a crisp breeze breeze in the air. Lelu is running around searching for food while we sip coffee and look out at the river, watching the reflections on the water.

Bride fun fact: Wishes she could karaoke - coworkers do too!!

Groom fun fact: Loves to karaoke

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.