Hayley + Alex

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Describe you as a couple in about 15 words or phrases: Fun, outgoing, last minute, sushi dates, outdoors, family oriented.

What is your story?: Alex and I met in high school and had quite a journey the last 9 years as a couple!

Bride, What do you love most about your groom?: He never stops pursuing me! He loves me unconditionally and always makes me smile!

Groom, What do you love most about your bride?: Same as above.

Describe your perfect Saturday together: Hanging out outside, taking our dog for a run/walk. Going out to dinner for sushi and drinks. Hanging out with friends!

Bride fun fact: Spontaneous

Groom fun fact: Would live in the woods if someone let him.

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.