Emily + Christian

What is the mixtape of your relationship?: 

  1. Eres Mi Sueno by Fonseca
  2. Fuiste Tu by Ricardo Arjona
  3. Green Eyes by Coldplay
  4. Limbo by Daddy Yankee
  5. Woman del Callao by Juan Luis Guerra
  6. Me Gustas Tu by Manu Chao
  7. Paradise by Coldplay
  8. Hard Headed Woman by Cat Stevens

Describe you as a couple in about 15 words or phrases: crazy animal lovers, curious, goofy, science nerds, determined, salsa dancers

What is your story?: Christian and I met while volunteering for the Red Cross in Ecuador. Christian was serving as the medical head that day and I was just another confused gringa volunteer. Before the chaos started, Christian and I shared a short conversation where we quickly realized our mutual love for animals. He was a fourth year veterinary student working at an animal shelter and I was a crazy animal lover looking for a shelter to volunteer at. It was KISMET. Unfortunately we did not share any more convos that day as I was whisked away on an ambulance run with the extremely important job of ringing the siren.

Our first "date" was on my 24th birthday when he accompanied a group of crazy gringos on a party bus around Quito. Surprisingly, he stuck around after this belligerent event and that's when I knew he was a keeper. And the rest, as they say, is history.......

Bride, What do you love most about your groom?: his strength and drive

Groom, What do you love most about your bride?: her kindness to all living creatures

Describe your perfect Saturday together: sleep-in and start the day with an iced-coffee. take Osa on a hike which would include cooling off in a lake. make a home-cooked dinner together, most likely Mexican food. and pass out spooning, watching a movie

Bride fun fact: I've been to Madagascar and touched a lemur! or slightly less interesting - starting medical school this fall at Southern Illinois University

Groom fun fact: performed surgery on a lion!

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.