Alyssa + Paul

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What was your first date?: This is how we met....I was at PaddyO's watching game seven of the World Series 2011. After the Game concluded Alyssa, one of my bridesmaids, and I ran to the stadium to celebrate the win. We soon later went back to PaddyO's. We ran into some friends. I told Alyssa to stay with my friends I was gonna meet up with a guy that wanted to buy me a drink. On my way to meet up with him, Paul stopped me and said let me talk to you for a minute. Well it ended up being longer then a minute. We started talking and ended up hanging out for the rest of the night. After we were talking for a little, I asked what he did for a living. As soon as I found out he was a cop I tried getting away. I freaked out because he knew I was 20 years old and enjoying adult beverages. I replied with, "ummm... I got to go." He told me not to go and he didn't care. He then proceeded to show off and got Karl, one of Paul's groomsmen, and I in the bar by flashing his badge. They ran to the bathroom but before, Paul made it a point to tell me not to leave. Paul and I continued to spend the rest of the night together. My phone ended up dying so I had to call Alyssa from his phone. First thing I say to her is, "I'm fine Lyss. I'm with a cop." Then she started freaking out thinking I was in trouble. We then met up with Alyssa, who was singing Lil Wayne's Mrs. Officer song in my ear all night. Alyssa tells me to this day that Paul told her that night that he was going to marry me!

How did he propose?: We took a trip to California in July of 2013 with Paul's Crossfit Gym friends. We went to go see the Crossfit games, but flew in a week before and made a vacation out of it. The first full day in Huntington Beach we got to explore the beautiful town, enjoyed cocktails and hung out at our amazing house we rented. Later in the day, as a house we all decided we were going to head down to the beach and play beach volleyball. As we were getting ready, Paul made sure everyone was aware he was going to propose on the beach when we got down there. On our way down to the beach Paul picked a flower that I pointed out earlier that day. I stuck the flower behind my ear and began to take pictures of Paul and I. Once we arrived to the volleyball court, Paul asked if we could take one more selfie. He distracted me while taking the picture and had the ring hidden behind his back. Then he turned to me and said, “you know you mean the world to me...” Next thing I knew was that Paul was on his knee asking me to marry him! All I could think to do was take the ring, cry and shake my head YES!

Is there a tv show you two can't miss?: We love movie nights!

Any pets?: Charlie-dog

What is your date style?: Movie and popcorn at home

Do either of you have a hobby? If so, what is it?: He loves to golf, do crossfit and loves anything sports! I love fashion and clothes, crafting and decorating.

Where is your reception?: Orlando Gardens

What color theme have you chose for your wedding?: Black. White. Champagne with hints of gold.

What will the bridesmaids be wearing?: Champagne

What will the groomsman be wearing?: Black and white

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.