Samantha + John

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What was your first date?: The first time John and I met was at Broadway Oyster Bar in downtown St. Louis in November 2010. I was there with coworkers, celebrating the end of busy season. John and his friend, Joey, came to the bar later, before heading to the Blues game. Joey was dating (and is now married to) my coworker, Cat; and so we were introduced. The bar was crowded and our waitress was nowhere to be found, so John and Joey went to the bar for drinks. While the boys were up at the bar, John asked Joey who the blonde, curly-haired girl was and whether or not she was dating anyone. Meanwhile, back within the coworker circle, I told Cat that I thought John was cute. Then I jokingly asked her if John knew that he was my boyfriend yet? Ha, and so it began! After the Blues game ended, John and Joey met back up with our group at Side Bar. John and I talked the rest of the night and made plans to hang out again soon.

How did he propose?: John proposed to me during a bike ride on the Katy Trail in St. Charles. I will admit, I thought something was up when John began planning the bike ride, in detail, a few days ahead of time--but I wasn't quite sure. If you know John, you know that he is not one to make plans in advance. But for this trip, he was different. He had decided the time at which we would start, was being stubborn about making plans during the remainder of the day, and even reserved bikes earlier in the week. I didn't even know you could reserve bikes--but I would later find out that he was afraid the shop would be sold out and his plan would be spoiled! At the halfway point on our ride, we pulled our bikes over to the side of the trail. We had stopped near an opening in the trees that overlooked the river. It was beautiful. As we grabbed a drink of water and began talking about the ride back, I was stung by a wasp. It hurt like heck! John hugged me, made sure I was okay, and then proposed. Immediately following my "yes!", I was stung by a second wasp--and this sting hurt much worse. It was at this point that we realized there were wasps all around us. We grabbed our bikes and ran away from the area. It was romantic, hilarious and the perfect proposal for us.

Is there a tv show you two can't miss?: We tend to like very different types of shows, but we both enjoy Breaking Bad, Chopped and Shark Tank.

What is your date style?: Trendy restaurant.  When we don't have weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties and wedding/baby showers, we like to spend our weekends trying new restaurants, drinking red wine and hanging out with friends and family.

Do either of you have a hobby? If so, what is it?: We enjoy running, playing soccer and volunteering.

Where are you getting married?: St. Ambrose on the Hill

Where is your reception?: Windows on Washington

What color theme have you chose for your wedding?: Dark purple with hunter green and gold as accent colors

What will the bridesmaids be wearing?: Short, cocktail-style dresses in purple.

What will the groomsman be wearing?: Black tuxedos.

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.