Jessica + Jeff

What is the mixtape of your relationship?: Collette, by Langhorne Slim; You Are My Sunshine; Take Me Out To The Ballgame; lots of Ryan Spearman songs; Gentle On My Mind by John Hartford; lots of Willie Nelson, Avett Brothers, Norman Blake, Andrew Bird, this could get long

(Warning:  Songs may contain explicit lyrics)

Describe you as a couple in 15 words or phrases: Lovers of fun, food, cats, music, Cardinal's, outdoors, family &friends,

What is your story?: Jeff & I met while I was in high school & he was in college. I dated one of his best friends for almost 4 years. During that time, we saw each other regularly & I was close friends with his college sweetheart. But, relationships end & I saw less & less of the friends I had made through my boyfriend. I finished school, got married & moved away to North Carolina. Jeff & his girlfriend also broke up & he bounced around a bit too. Eventually, we both wound up back in STL, living in South City, single/ divorced. Jeff was a regular at the Atomic Cowboy on Mondays, hanging out with Ryan Spearman who had his open mic night there. I randomly had called an old friend from college (our best man) to reconnect with since moving back to STL, he suggested we meet at the Cowboy. So, I met up with my old friend John, and low & behold there was Jeff. The 2 of them had become close friends in the years that I was out of the loop in NC. Jeff & I hadn't seen each other in almost 8 years, so we spent the night catching up. He'd just ended a long term relationship & I was in the middle of my divorce. We both kinda felt something, but were both really scared & not ready for anything serious. So, we hung out a lot as just friends for several months. One night we decided we should go to thebotanical garden together. It wasn't very clear if this was a date or not, we walked around thegarden for 4 hours talking & finally sat down on a bench & Jeff asked if he could put his arm around me. I said yes & that was that!

Which setting describes your dream photo style?: Country Fields

Bride: He is tender hearted & fills my life with constant laughter

Groom: When I look in her eyes I know everything is going to be ok

Describe your perfect Saturday together: If we're together, things are usually pretty perfect. We're happy hanging around the house, cooking & watching baseball; or we love being outside hiking. A firepit with cocktails, music & friends is pretty good too.

Bride fun fact: She has 75% gray hair.

Groom fun fact: He has different colored belly button lint everyday, depending on what color shirt he wears

Wedding:  Experience Wyman

Reception:  Experience Wyman

Flowers:  True Lei Floral

Pies:  Pie Oh My!

Band:  Dugout Canoe

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.