Erin + Mark

What is the mixtape of your relationship?: "Halo" -Beyonce, "Wonderwall" -Oasis, "I'm On A Boat" -The Lonley Island & T-Pain, "All In" -Lifehouse, "Stuck Like Glue" -Sugarland  (Warning, songs may contain explicit lyrics)

Describe you as a couple in 15 words or phrases: Fist bumpin, booty shakin, makeout havin, BFFs. M+E 4eva

What is your story?: Mark and Erin met on August 27, 2009 in the romantic, fairytale setting of a fraternity house basement. Erin's sorority and Mark’s fraternity were paired together for Mizzou’s annual Homecoming competition. To kick off months of working together on a parade float, house decorations, a skit and all the activities that go into the world’s first and finest Homecoming celebration, the chapters had a kick-off BBQ. The dining room looked like an 8th grade dance, girls on one side, boys on the other. Wanting to spice it up a bit, Erin traded seats with a Delta Chi she knew and found herself at a table of ten of his brothers, including Mark. Later that night we were all invited back to the house for a party and reconnected. We stood in the hallway, leaning against the wall, a case of Bud Light between our ankles, talking for several hours while the party continued around us. As the night winded down, Mark kindly offered to walk me and a sorority sister who had been a bit over-served back to our chapter house. We exchanged numbers and made plans to go out to dinner the next night (and made out a little by the side of the house). We went to Flatbrach Brewery, a local Columbia favorite. Erin is positive that Mark fell in love with her that night when he asked her what she was thinking about ordering and she said, “either the cheeseburger or pepperoni pizza.” Finally someone who shared his picky eating habits! For the next two years our relationship was filled with Buffy The Vampire Slayer marathons and Ben & Jerry pints, late nights in the library and later nights at the bars. But for the past two years with the entire state of Missouri separating us those nights have been few and far between. Mark works as an engineer in Kansas City and Erin works as a college adviser in a high school outside of St. Louis...both counting down the days until there are less Skype dates and more Buffy marathons.

Erin, what do you love most about your groom?: He takes me the way I am.

Mark, what do you love most about your bride?: She's always there for me when I need help.

Describe your perfect Saturday together: Wake up late (in the same state for once!), find some eggs and bacon, shop for something pretty for Erin, scream our heads off on a couple rollercoasters, eat Chicago-style pizza for lunch, some pool time, some snuggle time, dine-in movie theatre for dinner and a show, and dancing and drinks with friends all night. Hey, you did say the PERFECT Saturday...

Bride fun fact: Erin was once deported from the United Kingdom.

Groom fun fact: Mark was voted Most Likely To Be A Millionare in grade school. Spoiler alert: he's not...yet.


Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.