Kevin + Elizabeth

What is the mixtape of your relationship?: Big Poppa, Waitin' on a Woman, You're my best friend, Bitch

 (Warning:  Songs may contain explicit lyrics) 


Describe you as a couple in 15 words or phrases: weird, fun, laid back, we just love everybody

What is your story?: I mean..honestly? We met because I was watching my ex-boyfriend play soccer for a select team (can we say psycho) when we were 15...that day they had a guest player...who was Kevin. we were like hey our names are a lot alike. and that was that. 

Which setting describes your dream photo style?: Main Street St. Charles

Bride: He is the funniest person I know and he loves our cat like a child

Groom: He's busy at work right now but I think he likes the fact that I keep a constant stock of bacon at home

Describe your perfect Saturday together: Every. single. saturday looks like this: I wake up at 7am and make coffee and eat a banana while I watch bravo in peace and quiet. Then I wait until 10 and wake him up...with the cat. then we usually talk about how awesome the cat is for about 10 minutes then we get dressed and find something interesting to do. if it's warm out we ride bikes, if it's cold we'll go drive somewhere. sometimes we just like to go look at huge houses, sometimes we go to the humane society to stare at animals. we're just 2 farts in the wind.

Bride fun fact: I have this weird muscle under my chin that can expand and I look like a frog when it's "ribbiting" ill show you guys

Groom fun fact: Every sunday he eats a 16 inch double sausage pizza by himself. Record time: 21 minutes

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.