Chelsea + Todd

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What was your first date?: our first date was on november 21, 2008. it was my junior year, and todd's senior year. todd had suggested that we go to dinner and then see a movie, but it was the weekend that i was sent home with a fake baby for my child development class, so we could not go see a movie. instead we went to dinner, and then to our school hockey game. we couldn't choose where we wanted to go to dinner, so we went to o'charley's (which neither of us even liked!) when we got there, i had to bring the fake baby in with the car seat and everything...they seated us in the back of the restaurant so we got plenty of weird looks from people. my dinner came with honey mustard to dip my chicken strips in, and at some point i spilled the sauce all over myself, the floor, and todd. (graceful...i know). throughout dinner, the baby was quiet. when we got to the hockey game, the baby started screaming and i couldn't get it to stop. todd was oblivious to the whole thing, because he was so engrossed in the hockey game. another girl who had already taken the class helped me get the baby to stop crying. after the hockey game, todd took me (and the baby) home, and i met his whole family just a week later at thanksgiving!

How did he propose?: he had wanted to plan a double date with my best friend, brittany, and her boyfriend, ryan, to go to the zoo, and then to the world's fair pavilion. however, i ended up planning it for him! i was talking to my friend and there weren't very many days where all of our schedules could overlap on a day off, so the 4 of us took the 3 kids that i was nannying over summer! we had a great day at the zoo, and then we still had a little bit of time to kill before we had to head back to st. charles, and someone suggested to go to the world's fair pavilion. (we planned on getting married there, so we just wanted to check it out and show our friends). when we got there, i set the kids up with a snack, under the pavilion to rest and cool off. meanwhile, todd wanted me to come down on the patio with him, but i did not want to leave the kids by themselves so i refused a lot. there was a man there with a camera, and i did not feel like he was taking pictures of us, i just thought he was taking pictures of the beautiful scenery, and we happened to always be in his way. finally, ryan convinced me to come down on the patio while brittany stayed with the kids. i mentioned to ryan that he should propose to brittany here because it's so pretty, and todd overheard. he asked me, "who's going to propose here?" and i replied with, "well not you!" (we've been waiting so long to get engaged that i never thought it would happen). he replied to me with, "are you sure? babe...are you sure? (as he's getting down on one knee) are you sure?" i did not believe that it was real life...i thought he was playing a sick joke on me! it didn't hit me until he told me to look at the ring! he said something along the lines of, "i'm crazy about you. i love you. i want to spend the rest of my life with you. will you marry me?" through my laughing and tears, i said yes! oh, and the photographer that was there was to photograph the proposal!

Is there a tv show you two can't miss?: the cardinals game

Any pets?: no

Which setting describes your dream photo style?: Country Fields

What is your date style?: trendy restaurant & sporting events

Do either of you have a hobby? If so, what is it?: he is obsessed with sports & she is a photographer

Where are you getting married?: the world's fair pavilion in forest park

Where is your reception?: the world's fair pavilion in forest park

What color theme have you chose for your wedding?: yellow, a little bit of green, and neutrals

What will the bridesmaids be wearing?: short, mismatched, cream dresses with lace toms

What will the groomsman be wearing?: khaki pants, white shirt, mismatched green ties, khaki vest, with nikes

Nichole is married to TJ Oldani. Together they are Oldani Photography.